IHS is instrumental in rescue & rehabilitation of wild animals, their scientific management in captivity and spreading awareness for wildlife conservation through scientific education.

The Indian Herpetological Society (IHS) was established in 1986 under the Society Registration Act, 1860 and Public Trust Rules, 1950 by a group of eminent scientists, researchers and social activists to promote the study and conserve herpetofauna in India.
To undertake conversation projects of reptiles and amphibians, independently and in collaboration with organizations Although, the society was concerned initially only in herpetology, soon it widened horizons for the conservation of entire wild fauna of the region.
In 1989 Indian Herpetological Society was recognized by the Species Survival Commission (SSC) for the International Union of Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and is also active on Declining Amphibian Task Force (DAPTF).


  • Pune Snake Park at Katraj with
    Pune Municipal Corporation, since 1986
  • Wild Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Center at Katraj, since 1992
  • Uttara School of Environment at Waksai village near Lonavala, since 2012


Mr. Neelikumar Khaire Chairman
Ms. Manjushree Tadwalkar Secretary
Mr. Surendra Shelke Treasurer
Mr. Tejas Khaire Trustee
Mr. Sunil Mali Trustee
Mr. Dilip Pandit Trustee
Mr. Shriram Shinde Trustee


Dr. Hemant V. Ghate (Retd.) Professor, Modern College, Pune
Mr. Shrikant Ingalhalikar Renowned Botanist
Mr. Ashok Captain Senior Scientist IHS
Dr. Varad Giri Senior Scientist IHS


Dr. Gaurav Pardeshi
Dr. Kapil Jaikar


Mahesh Deshpande
Harish Ghatage
Prashant Patwardhan
Santosh Potdar
Dr. Prasad Khedkar
Gopal Pawar
Popat Jyotik
Dnyaneshwar Hirve
Umesh Pardeshi
Sunny Katkar
Pankaj Ware
Vijay Baikar
Sitaram Joshi
Ashok Rai