1. Indian Snakes (English and Marathi)

Published in the 1990, this book is an introduction to the world of Indian snakes. Written in simple language with colored photographs, it served as an excellent source of information.

Currently out of print

2. Maitra jeevanche (Marathi), Beyond Friendship (English)

Published in 1998, this book is engaging and thought provoking. It gives firsthand accounts of heart rendering encounters and anecdotes with wild animals and snakes.

Currently out of print

3. Chandukaka (Marathi and English)

This delightful book for children introduces them to the natural world. Neelimkumar takes them on a journey of discovery and shares interesting facts about fly, insects, birds, mammals, etc.

4. Sarpa… Mitra Manavacha (Snake… A friend of Man)

This book is meant to educate and eradicate misbelieves and myths about snakes. It features commonly encountered venomous and non venomous Indian snakes in a scientific perspective. It also provides useful information on snake identification, prevention of snake bites, first-aid, and snake bite treatment

Currently out of print

5. A Guide to the Snakes of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka

Published in 2004, this book as the name suggests is a field guide to Herpetologists, Naturalists, Doctors and students of science.

Farmers, NGOs, Government authorities also use this book extensively for identification of Herpetofauna. It has also been compiled in the form of an e-guide that takes the reader through seamlessly.

6. Saap (Marathi), Snake (English)

This book was published in 2010. It is a listing of commonly found Indian snakes featuring 57 species. It also provides valuable information about how to avoid snake bites, first aid treatment. It is very useful in snake identification for farmers, trekkers and students.

7. Guidelines for the upkeep of Reptiles in Zoos and Parks

This book was published in 2009 with a view to provide information and knowledge for ex-situ management of reptiles. It addresses the basic principles of scientific management of reptiles in captivity. It included studying 18 major zoos and parks across India. The book is a useful resource for zoos and parks all over the world.

This was a limited edition and was funded by Central Zoo Authority of India (CZA). It can be downloaded from the CZAI website.

Currently out of print

8. Sarpa… Mitra Manavacha

Simple booklet was published on the occasion of World Environment Day in early 90s. It was published in Marathi. It covers basic information on a few snake species, snake bite, first-aid and mis-beliefs about snakes.

Currently out of print

9. Harit Kala (Marathi)

It is a photographic description of various experiments successfully undertaken at Uttara School of Environment. This book has been published under the Green Ideas project and has been financially assisted by environment department of Government of Maharashtra.

Limited Edition

10. 100 Enrichment Ideas

This book describes fantastic photographic enrichment ideas developed and utilised at Wild Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. This book is available with Interactive DVD. This is a limited edition and was funded by The Zoo Authority of Maharashtra (MZA).

11. Indian Snakes

This field guide features 68 species of snakes found in India. Along with colour photographs and informative text, the book also covers important topics such as snake-bites and their prevention, etc.

12. Rasayan Virahit Jeevanshaily

This book teaches natural lifestyle and human beings. Natural options are suggested to replace use of chemicals in day-to-day life.


Sap Mhanava Apla

(A Marathi booklet on interesting facts about snakes)

Currently out of print

  • First Aid on snake bites
  • Identification of venomous snakes
  • Awareness pictorial posters were produced and distributed among the villagers of man leopard conflict areas.
  • Multilanguage signages were prepared for the important highway passing through the northern Western Ghats.