Zoological Park dedicated for Reptiles

The Pune Snake Park was started in 1986. Unlike Mammals or other large creatures, reptiles appear to be still and Lifeless in the Zoo. It needs a lot of creativity and planning to exhibit them. IHS has been successful to handle this challenge showing stupendously increase in visitors year after year.Starting with collection of 200 snakes, today it is one of the leading snake parks in the country having diverse collection of Snakes, Crocodiles and Turtles, etc. It plays a vital role in awareness and dissemination of knowledge among public.

With growing fame of snake park, the Peshwe Park was shifted in land adjacent to Snake Park in year 2000. For administratibve simplicity, these parks were merged together under the banner of Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park & Wildlife Research Center, Katraj, Pune.

Park Timings

9.30AM to 6.00PM
(15th June to 15th April)

9.30 am to 6.30 pm
(16th April to 14th June)

Wednesday Closed.
Ticket counters close 1 hour before the scheduled closing times

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Park Visitors


Ex-situ Conservation Breeding Programs at Snake Park, PCMC

  • Breeding of Sand Boa (Eryx conicus)
  • Breeding of Green Keelback (Macropisthodon plumbicolor )
  • Breeding of Starred Tortoise (Geochelone elegans)
  • Breeding of Bamboo Pit Vipers (Trimerasuras gramineus)
  • Breeding of Monitor Lizard (Varanus benghalensis)
  • Breeding of Checkered Keelback (Xenochrophis piscator)
  • Breeding of Rat Snake (Ptyas mucosa)
  • Breeding of Trinket Snake (Coelognathus helena helena)
  • Breeding of Indian Cobra (Naja naja)
  • Breeding of Russell’s Viper (Daboia russelii)